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Mycetal: A troop of URLs
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OTHER MAJOR SITES (including Awards & Grants, Conferences, Courses; Mycology bionet)
SUNDRY (including Employment, Books on Line, Science Resources)

MyCOmplement: Additional BMS information
MycoMart: Goods & services for mycologists
Mycovescence: Items of the moment
Mycorriancy: Fungi lite including mouldy humour
MycorRoy: Personal Oeuvre selections


~Books for mycologists
~CCFB - Cornell Center for Fungal Biology
~Culture collections & Herbaria
~E-tail - on-line goods & services for mycologists
~ENHSIN (European Natural History Specimen Information Network)
    BioCISE (Resource Identification for a Biological Collection Information Service in Europe)
    The Global Biodiversity Information Facility
    Species2000- Indexing the world's known species
~Films, mycological
    IWF (Institut für Wissenschaftlichen Film)
    Neruospora - films of hyphal growth
~Images of Fungi: Luminescent species; SGM library
~INFORMATION about Awards & Grants, Conferences, and Courses
~ MushWorld -"Total mushroom information"
~ The Old Kingdom - a multifarious web site
~USDA's Systematic Botany and Mycology Laboratory
~World Taxonomist Database- Comprehensive online taxonomists directory service

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MYCOLOGY/bionet.mycology - Newsgroup Archive


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M. speciosa

* Basic Techniques - slide making and spore prints
* Book Reviews
    Deacon - Modern Mycology
    Fine -Morel Tales: The Culture of Mushrooming
    Dick - Straminipilous Fungi
    Kurtzman & Fell - The Yeasts
*Origin of Species (Darwin's chapter summaries)

* Mycological Dispatches - fungi in the news
* Neologisms - citations for new terms
* Nomenclature - new taxa, combinations, and emendments
* Publications (1953-1998)
* Robigalia - annual ancient Roman festival intended to conciliate Robigus, the god of rust

Moorella speciosa P. Rag. Rao & D. Rao
  [Ellis More Dematiaceous Hyphomycetes Fig. 114]
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