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Types of Question

Dividing line

The number of ways in which a question can be asked using the computer continually increasing as academic staff apply creative thinking to this topic! Below is a selection of question types :

  • Multiple choice: choosing one answer from given alternatives (each response can be given a different mark)
  • Multiple response: choosing a number of answers from a list
  • True/False: applied to a statement
  • Multiple Hotspots: move label to appropriate place on an image
  • Sequence: Placing items into a particular sequence (can be applied to a flow chart and award different marks for different sequences)
  • Numerical: limits can be set for the number
  • Text match: Can be used for simple statements or fill in blanks in continuous text (can take account for mis-spelling)
  • Selection/Association: Match items from two related lists.
  • Assertion/Reason: Select correct reason for a particular assertion.

Question Types used by Perception - PowerPoint Presentation

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